How to Grow Your Long Tail (or SMB) Customer – 5 Best Kept Secrets

How to Grow Your Long Tail (or SMB) Customer – 5 Best Kept Secrets

大多数行业领先, global enterprises do not have the 资源 to engage with 和 grow their long-tail customers effectively. This lack of attention causes consistently high churn rates 和 millions in missed revenue dollars every year.

This blog discusses some best practices 和 tactics to cover your entire customer base more effectively 和 efficiently. 通过这些策略, 你将能够提供更有效的培训, 提高客户满意度, 提高留存率和后续收益. 


长尾理论, 通常称为中小型企业(SMB), is any customer you have below a certain dollar threshold in your install base. 例如, 如果你的高端客户花费50万至100万美元, your long-tail customers may be <$200K.  


1. 衡量你的kpi并决定成功

伟大的 彼得•德鲁克 我曾经说过,“如果你不能衡量它,你就不能改进它。.这取决于你的组织对成功和增长的看法, you need to define 和 get buy-in from leadership on which key performance indicators (KPIs) to track.  


  • 客户保留 —在一段时间内更新客户的百分比 
  • 营房率(IQRR) -当前季度到期的机会百分比 
  • 合同金额 -每个客户账户的增长百分比 
  • 按时更新 (OTRR)– The percentage of renewal contracts completed before the expiration 

要了解更多你应该跟踪的重要更新kpi, 看看这个博客. 

Unless you evenly distribute various account sizes 和 types between your reps 和 partners, 他们自然只会关注你的高价值客户, 不让你的大部分客户受到影响. 考虑合同数量和合同价值.  

最终, you’re looking for your customer success team to do a deep dive into each account they own. 对每一个客户进行深度挖掘和捕捉 客户的声音 allows your teams to better underst和 the customer’s unique organization, their pain points 和 take advantage of every opportunity (small 和 large). Close contact with a customer confirms that they have strong adoption 和 consistently see value in your product/service. Even distribution of leads will also influence how you set up your incentives program (例如, 以X%的现金奖励,关闭5个较低层级的客户续签服务).  


为了更好地理解 您的更新性能, try segmenting renewal performance into three key subcomponents at the account batch 和 rep levels. This segmentation methodology helps pinpoint where you can train your team 和 improve your business at all levels.  


关闭率: 在那些回应的顾客中,有多少人告诉你“是”.” It measures how well your sales teams are selling the value of renewing with your company. This metric also enables you to underst和 why a customer did not renew, whether it’s related to the product value or caused by a customer going out of business.   

解析率: This metric measures how many answers (“yes” 和 “no” that a team receives from the total pipeline. 它证明了一个销售团队处理“一批”业务的能力. 如果你的分辨率很低, your reps may be focusing too much on the top-dollar deals 和 not enough on the rest of the stack.  

转化率: The conversion rate compares the closed opportunity amount with the current 和 previous closed transaction amount. This metric tells you how well your team can increase the value of a contract using sales tactics like multi-years, 销售, 交叉销售, 附加组件, 和升级. A conversion rate can be negative (a valuable insight for future actions to take).  


更新速率图的三个组成部分2. 训练你的代表 更有效  

长尾客户本质上更小, 这意味着时间, 资源, 而现金流将是一个需要不断克服的挑战. 因此, your reps need the proper preparation 和 training to sell 你的商业的价值 to capture that renewal consistently 和 effectively.  

把你的续签业绩给每个销售代表看, 你会找出他们可能欠缺的地方. 例如: 

  • 关闭率: 确保你的培训集中在理解购买过程上 & 每个客户的潜在障碍.  
  • 解析率: Coach your reps on how to elicit quicker responses from end-user partners. 
  • 转化率: 培训销售代表如何改进追加销售和交叉销售策略. Consider weekly best practice sharing between representatives 和 teams who are generating best-in-class results.  

这似乎是显而易见的, but we consistently see training programs that do not cover the complete knowledge needed to effectively demonstrate how your products 和 services work, 你的商业的价值, 以及你的公司如何解决客户的痛点. Your goal should always be to arm your reps with the skills they need to be a 顾问,不只是销售/续签代表.  

提供混合的培训模块, 包括制作精良的培训视频, 场景训练, 随需应变的课程, 等.,代表可以随时复习. 最后, 确保所有销售, 发展, 管理, 而且合作伙伴们在培训项目上意见一致. 

3. 实施客户成功管理方法 

Using a customer success 管理 (CSM) strategy provides consistency for the customer. Choose one point person to maintain contact with a customer after they buy your product or service. 这种方式, the customer will know whom to contact when they experience an issue or question, 建立更加一致和个性化的关系. 

A CSM will be a part of the customer journey at welcome 和 onboarding, 加入后30或60天, 加入后六个月, 续约前90天. 


  • 增加与客户的联系 
  • 及早识别客户何时处于风险之中 
  • 给更多的机会进行追加销售或交叉销售 
  • 改善客户体验 

4. 用工具武装你的团队,并在可能的情况下自动化 

Relying on sharing spreadsheets 和 emails to keep track of a customer journey is clunky, 效率低下的, 并最终, 很难规模. 相反,为你的团队提供一个客户成功的平台,比如 Gainsight 和 ChurnZero, 和 a CRM tool to streamline 和 consolidate customer account data.  

最佳实践建议: 与您的渠道合作伙伴共享和集成您的CRM系统. This enables your business to distribute 和 visualize customer data/insights 和 sales/marketing 资源 more readily. It also improves accountability for both your internal teams 和 your partner channels.  

另外, 自动化部件(特别是容易重复的部件), time-consuming administrative tasks) of your renewals 管理 strategy to keep your reps efficient 和 customer-focused.   

For Example: Set up an automated email outreach campaign to send out quotes 90-120 days before a contract expires. Using this timeline will give your team plenty of time to begin the renewals conversation 和 make sure the client renews on time. 

5. 长尾部分的外包更新管理 

It may not be in your business’s best interest to allocate in-house 资源 to cover long-tail renewals. Instead of focusing a little of your team’s energy on your lower-tiered customers, 你可以外包更新管理工作. This help will leave you space to allocate all your 资源 to your top-tiered clients while ensuring your lower-tiered customers are covered. 

Outsourcing provides your internal teams with three additional benefits:  

  1. 增强的商业智能能力  
  2. 更标准化的客户更新数据  
  3. 更好的市场数据,更好地为你的商业战略提供信息 

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