How to Establish and Mature Your SaaS/XaaS Transformation from Crawl to Run – and Beyond

How to Establish and Mature Your SaaS/XaaS Transformation from Crawl to Run – and Beyond

尽管第四次工业革命已经来临,只是近在眼前 20%的高管 做好调整商业模式的准备. Completing a SaaS/XaaS transformation for your business takes between 3-5 years to transition from crawl to walk to the run stage — and beyond. This blog highlights what to focus on and implement during each phase to maximize your XaaS transformation. 


You’ll need to do some prep work before you jump into the deep end of your SaaS/XaaS transformation. There are several things to keep in mind and implement before getting started: 

1. 统一公司内部的沟通 

Transforming your business into a SaaS/XaaS model affects your entire organization. You must first inform and convince your staff across every team (product development, 销售, 支持, 金融, 等.) that the transition will be operationally and financially beneficial for the company. 最终, 有一个适当的计划和时间表, 你的企业将系统地经历一个思维模式的转变. You’ll also need to train everyone on customer success best practices during the five-year transition. 考虑内部和外部的沟通. 必须尽快把这个计划通知你的客户.   

2. 创建销售激励 

Make sure your 销售 reps have incentives to transition—craft policies around who will be selling and what they will receive in return. Also, create strict guidelines to ensure that no one takes advantage of the new model. Remember, this is a big transition for your 销售 team, so you’ll have to “燕子的鱼” to ensure that your teams don’t experience as much financial crunch during the transition. 

3. 让你的频道合作伙伴加入进来 

您需要您的渠道合作伙伴来进行转换. Talk with your channel partners about your plan for training and the incentives you’re offering to ensure they will be effective during the transition. 这需要大量的工作, and partners will be less likely to embrace any change that introduces risks to their current financial models.  


人在会走之前都会爬, and you can expect the same of your business in the beginning stages of its SaaS/XaaS transformation. Crawling is an immature stage involving little revenue, few offerings, and limited-service areas. 充分利用这个阶段, start by offering a sole product or service line that is subscription-based. 不要期望您的流程是自动化的——相反, 拥抱可能是手工流程的东西(想想电子表格和. 仪表板).  


  • 定义你的策略. 确保你的主管们同意你公司的战略目标, 比如收入和利润目标, 你的商业模式, 以及你将如何在这一转变过程中树立品牌.  


  • 年度留存收益(ARR) 
  • 总留存率和净留存率 
  • 合同年度价值(ACV) 
  • 扫清前进的道路. 第一个, complete a capability gap analysis to find where your company’s standard practices fall short in a XaaS environment. 这个分析将告诉你,你需要什么创新来缩小差距. It will also allow you to highlight each step you need to mature in your transformation. 从关注进入市场的能力开始. 
  • 土地融资. A XaaS transformation isn’t free — you’ll potentially have to pay for things like labor costs, 经营投资, 和更多的. 通过在你的商业案例中创造一个强大的ROI, 包括所有费用, 你将能够从你的企业领导人那里获得资金. 
  • 启动 转换. Create a transformation team to manage your business’s transition and ensure they have the necessary resources to do the job. This team will act as the shepherds to ensure the success of your transformation. 
  • 测试和验证过程. 你只推出了一种产品/服务, 流程主要是手工的, 但是是定义的和可操作的. 在您开始自动化这些过程之前, 测试并验证一切都在最佳状态下运行. This validation procedure will ensure that you don’t run into foundational issues as you scale your operation.  

Ensure that you build a cross-functional transformation team encompassing 销售, 运营、BI、财务和人力资源. 不要低估代表/经理的力量 反馈! 他们是最接近你的客户,可以提供指导和 否则可能会被忽视的洞察力. 


在走路阶段,你的腿在你下面. Your essential processes are better defined and documented, and you may have automated some. You will also invest in improvements to scale operations and have a deep understanding of revenue goals. 市场路径和地理位置可能仍然有限. 


  • 创建新的操作You’ll need to create new documented and standardized processes to get to the next transformation phase. 

在这个阶段,过度沟通是很重要的,因为你会发现 应用过程不同于理论.

  • 选择自动化的内容. Start with select automated processes, like quoting and DIA (days in advance) renewal notifications. 确保您创建了指定的流程来配合它们. 
  • 设计你的安抚. Create documentation around your standard operating procedures for the new automated processes, 因此,未来团队之间的交接可以变得尽可能的无缝. 
  • 建立业务策略. 比如账单或销售, create simple and straightforward procedures during the XaaS transformation.   


Now that you are more mature and have been working as a XaaS business for 1-2 years, 你的动作应该很快. 你的公司现在向你的客户提供不止一个报价. 你们的程序变得更先进了, 以及您的可用资源和自动化功能. 你经营的市场和地域有多种路径. 


  • 澄清过程. 从迄今为止的任何程序问题中学习,以修改您的过程. 公司lude any new methods you’ll need to streamline the transition for more of your business to a XaaS model. 
  • 执行系统设计. Use end-to-end automation for your systems to create a robust digital architecture for your business. You’ll want to achieve a high level of automation across your technology and processes. 

根据反馈改变. 通过客户收集客户的声音(VoC) surveys and employee 反馈 via surveys to allow your transformation team to 评估和完善您的XaaS能力. 


现在已经三年多了,是时候展翅翱翔了. You have four+ offerings you’re able to sell to customers, and you have officially gone global. 在飞行阶段, your business enacts enhanced processes that maintain end-to-end digital purchases and renewals. 所有的流程都是标准化的. 


  • 按比例增加. You’ll need to confront the intricacies involved in scaling into a complex digital XaaS system. 您成熟的业务需要在其能力范围内保持不变.  
  • 增加先进技术. Look to adopt capabilities like machine learning and artificial intelligence to implement analytics in your end-to-end operations.  

As you scale, periodically conduct premortems to assess future potential scenarios & 确定你可能采取的步骤,以避免商业,市场, & 或者主动的财务中断. 


你不必独自开始数字化转型. ServiceSource has years of experience helping leading businesses with their XaaS Transformation. We can offer you the insights you need to take your SaaS/XaaS transformation from crawl to run — and beyond. 接触 今天和专家交谈. 




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